French gymnast Samir Ait Said suffered one of the most gruesome injuries you’ll see at an Olympics or any other competition.

Said’s left leg snapped on his vault landing, the sound echoing through the arena. He crumpled to the floor and, as he clutched his leg at the knee, his foot and the lower half of his shin flopped to the left. As the crowd gasped, arena medical personnel immediately rushed to him.

Said was on the ground for several minutes as medical personnel worked to stabilize the leg. The crowd applauded as he was loaded onto a stretcher and taken out of the arena.

As Ait Said was being carried out, Germany’s Andreas Toba was completing a pommel horse routine after severely injuring his knee on floor exercise. Toba didn’t finish his floor routine and had to be helped off the podium. He managed to land his dismount on pommel horse, but did it without putting any weight on the injured leg.