After 18 trades on deadline day, baseball probably deserves a chance to take a deep breath.

That calm period may not last for long.

Teams had until 4 p.m. EDT on Monday to make trades without waivers, and it was the busiest deadline day since at least 1995, according to Major League Baseball.

In a sense, the deadline marks the unofficial start of each season’s pennant races. From now on, it’s hard for any team to make a major move, so the contenders will have to hope the rosters they have are good enough.

Some of the biggest trades were made by teams already in first place, like Texas, Cleveland and San Francisco. But the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets, who are trying to come from behind in their divisions, were also active.

Now the focus turns to the aftermath and how all these moves will affect the postseason chase. <see more>