“Let me tell you something: I’m 33 now and I really believe everything happens for a reason. I really do,” Letourneau said emphatically. “It wasn’t my time and I really had a hard time when I lost my fight against Davis. I broke my hand on the first punch of the first round. My thumb was bending completely back.

“I had her in a submission and the referee made a mistake because I was throwing elbows from the bottom. He broke my submission. They were legal shots, but he thought they were illegal shots and it was really unfair for me — I had her in a closed triangle. All that and I ended up losing the fight by split decision and that brings my record to 1-2. She signs with these big promotions and I’m left behind with a broken hand and a messed up record, but I knew I was that level.

“Seriously, that was so frustrating because those are things that I can’t control. I can train as hard as I want to, but you feel like the world is against you. But it was not meant to be. I trained harder and maybe those hard times made me push harder and be a stronger woman. I’m ready for everything that is coming my way now.”

And everything that is coming her way now in the UFC started with a thrilling performance in Vancouver.

“I want to make my people proud,” said Letourneau. “I have been working so hard to be here. Everybody knows that when I started, I was nothing; this was just a dream that I had. I was looking at these guys and I wanted to do like them. I wanted to be the first one to do it and everyone was making fun of me.

“(There are so many) Canadians, women and people that I want to make proud and give them hope. I’m definitely proud to be doing that.”